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Competition Season- Week 1: Traverse City Event

This year’s first district competition went underway for our team during the week one Traverse City event. We had so much fun at the event as we watched and explored the new game with other teams. Our students worked hard both on the field and in the stands, scouting out other robots with the wonderful help of 2075 Enigma Robotics.

Our team did pretty well at the event and ended qualification matches being the number one seed captain. During alliance selection, we were able to get the help of teams 2075 Enigma and 5247 Red Devil Robotics for our alliance going forward to elimination matches. Throughout the eliminations, our alliance all worked together extremely well to pass through both quarter-finals and semi-finals. In the finals matches, going up again the number six seeded alliance, our alliance took the first win but lost in the second, so it was up to the final match to decide the district winner. It was a nail-biter, and when the final scores were revealed we were all shocked and amazed that our team had barely won, with only a four-point difference in the scores!

If you’d like to check out the finals matches, head on over to our facebook page, linked at the bottom of the website.

Overall, it was an awesome experience, especially for the new kids on the team who got to see why we do robotics and what it is all about. Special thanks to 2075 Enigma and 5247 Red Devil Robotics for joining forces with us, all working hard toward capturing the District Winner Title at Traverse City. What a ride!

We’re eagerly awaiting our next competition, taking place at East Kentwood on March 29-31. Here are some awesome photos that we were able to get, taken by Gwen Schafer.

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