As of now, our teams have the help of many different mentors and volunteers that work to make sure we have the best season possible.

If you have any questions about us or are interested in joining, contact:


 Name: Wayne Tenbrink

Specific Position (if any): Head Mentor

Bio: Wayne founded NC GEARS a long thirteen years ago and has been with the team ever since. He works as a product engineer at Kaydon. When it comes to the robot, Wayne takes charge in leading the mechanical designs and implementations.


 Name: Greg Brock

Specific Position (if any): Mentor

Bio: Greg is an engineer at Medallion. He likes to work on the physical mechanics of the robot and helps out with the building and assembling of field elements.


Name: Jonathan Tuuk

Specific Position (if any): Programming Mentor

Bio: Jonathan Tuuk is a teacher at the Newaygo County Career Tech Center. He is an alumnus from the early days of our team and came back to help out with the team. He now leads the programming of our robot and the paperwork side to robotics.

~”I like working with the students and I like the challenge.”


 Name: Alicia Bay

Specific Position (if any): Scouting Mentor

Bio: Alicia works as a data analyst for United Healthcare. Her many years of experience in the data collection and analysis field allowed for our scouting to be brought to an entirely new level, using the full advantage that technology provides.

~”FIRST Robotics is a great program and NC GEARS is a great team to be a part of.”


 Name: Mike Haaser

Specific Position (if any): CAD Mentor

Bio: Mike is a retired mechanical design engineer and this is his 8th season with the team. He works on creating CAD designs for the early stages of design. He also enjoys being a robot inspector and this summer plans on going for the lead inspector.


 Name: Tom Hale

Specific Position (if any): Programming Mentor

Bio: Tom Hale as an engineer at Medallion. Tom has been with the team for a while and enjoys helping out with the programming of the robot, next to Mr. Tuuk.


 Name: Randy Shafer

Specific Position (if any): Element and Field Construction

Bio: Randy is the parent of three different members that are and have been a part of the team. He works at Gerber Life Insurance. He helps in the building of field elements and often enjoys working as a volunteer at the events.

~”I like the mental challenge it gives the students and the real world lessons it teaches.”


 Name: Cecile DeLoy

Specific Position (if any): Mentor

Bio: Cecile is a retiree who used to work at DTE Energy. She is an active mentor who enjoys engaging with the students. She has helped the team’s diet too, starting to push for healthier lunches rather than just pizza.

~ “I only wish I knew about it 30 years ago so my sons could have been in it!”


 Name: Ken Robinson

Specific Position (if any): Mentor

Bio: Ken works at Highpoint Electric. He helps out with the construction of field elements and electrical assistance, enjoying the technical side as well.

~”I enjoy hanging out with the kids. I enjoy building things.”