Build Season- Week 2!

Here are some pictures from Week 2 of Build Season! We’ve almost got the field elements completed, we have a skeleton of a robot built, we have a strategy of how we’re going to play this year’s game, programming is underway, and we’ve started working on team hats — Mario Style — to wear at competitions. Lots going on, love, love, LOVE our new build space. It’s making a world of difference in productivity, conceptual development, testing, all around WONDERFUL! It is totally awesome having the entire team in one area!!

FRC Kick-off!

This year started off with a bang, as this year’s game was revealed! The whole team came together to watch with the rest of the world, with baited breath. Finally, at 10:30 am EST, on January 6, 2018, the game was shown!

Now the game truly begins! As of Kickoff, all teams only have six short weeks to create and construct moving, competition-worthy robots. To find more information about our team meetings and competitions, check out the Calendar tab.

Good luck teams!