Build Season- Week 4!

Week 4 of Build Season has seen us make great strides with the robot build, programming, hat- and button-making, chairman’s award, and all around preps for our first competition in Traverse City. We can’t believe that Bag Day is just 15 days away and that we’ll be at our first event in less than a month. Here are some pictures from this week, enjoy! And… GO GEARS!! We are rocking it this season, and cannot wait to see our fellow teams’ robots come competition!

Build Season- Week 2!

Here are some pictures from Week 2 of Build Season! We’ve almost got the field elements completed, we have a skeleton of a robot built, we have a strategy of how we’re going to play this year’s game, programming is underway, and we’ve started working on team hats — Mario Style — to wear at competitions. Lots going on, love, love, LOVE our new build space. It’s making a world of difference in productivity, conceptual development, testing, all around WONDERFUL! It is totally awesome having the entire team in one area!!

FRC Kick-off!

This year started off with a bang, as this year’s game was revealed! The whole team came together to watch with the rest of the world, with baited breath. Finally, at 10:30 am EST, on January 6, 2018, the game was shown!

Now the game truly begins! As of Kickoff, all teams only have six short weeks to create and construct moving, competition-worthy robots. To find more information about our team meetings and competitions, check out the Calendar tab.

Good luck teams!